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Don't cry in front of a funeral director. You don't have to make heartbreaking choices in a strange environement

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You can plan the perfect funeral for a loved one on the internet. Choose your options, your funeral home and spend your time on more important activities.

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Prices from one Funeral Home to another can vary greatly. Starting with your choices, we can provide an approximate price of how much the funeral you planned should cost *

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Obtaining the death certificate, transport of your loved one, publication of the obituary, choice of service...We help you plan the funeral and send your choices to the funeral home of your choice so that he can then take over.

Save time

A meeting with a funeral director can take around 2h30. Although he can be of great help and support in this difficult moment, funerarium understands that certain persons will prefer to take care of the details surrounding funeral planning with the care and ease of a service like ours and spend their time on their mourning.

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Funerarium does business with thousands of funeral homes, across Canada and United States.

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